Espoo The Zero Friction City

The Zero Friction City – Espoo

There Corporation - Turning energy data into profit

There Corporation – Turning Energy Data into Profit

Join the dark side? Does commercialising research results make sense?

Join the Dark Side – Helsinki Innovation Services

Finpro - Smart IoT from Finland

Watch Out for the IoT – Finpro

Journey of innovation – How to boost economic growth

Journey of Innovation – How to Boost Economic Growth

Kieliversiot: suomi

Internet of Things (IoT) - From An Idea to Increased Revenue | Elisa Corporate Customer

From an Idea to Increased Revenue – In Record Time – Elisa

Kieliversiot: suomi

Aalto ENT: The Corporate Startup Program

The Corporate Startup Program by Aalto ENT

Helsinki Challenge | Science-based competition and idea accelerator

Helsinki Challenge – Science-Based Competition and Idea Accelerator